Monday, October 27, 2014

Portable Bead Storage


I occasionally have to travel to other cities leaving my studio and beadwork behind. I can be away for extended periods. Not wanting to leave my beadwork behind I found a system to organize my beads and allow me to take them with me where ever I go.

I use the plastic boxes by IRIS. They are 4 X 6 boxes designed to hold photographs but work well for storing beads and other beading paraphernalia. They are readily available. In addition, 16 of the boxes will fit nicely in to a 15 X 12 X 5 plastic suitcase style box that is sold along with the boxes. The plastic suitcase locks shut and has a sturdy carrying handle. The entire assembly is available from LTD Commodities for about $20.00. There are many other sources.

I have two such suitcase assemblies and they fit nicely into an old canvas bag designed to hold Plano fishing tackle boxes. The canvas bag has pockets on either side where I can put slightly larger plastic boxes that hold tools or larger items. The bag zips up and has a carrying handle and a shoulder strap. I have used this system for a couple of years and it works well for me. Feel free to visit Sirocco’s Trading Post to see my beadwork.










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jstinson said...

Great system! Thanks for sharing.