Sunday, February 20, 2011

Native American Tapestry Beaded Earrings

Native American Tapestry Earrings
I mentioned in my last post that I had moved my studio work shop to Northern Minnesota. You can find photos of the new work shop on my ArtFire Bio page. Just click this link:

I am still working primarily with beading. I made these tapestry style earrings using a brick stitch. The earrings are available at my etsy store. Just click this link: Tapestry

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Brown and Gold Beaded Earrings

Well, here I am again trying to get started posting to this blog on a regular basis. I have moved my leather and silver work studio to a new location in Northern Minnesota. In the mean time I have stepped away from my silver smithing work for awhile to do some bead weaving with seed beads. What I like about bead work is that it is portable. One can do bead work just about anywhere. All one needs is a beading needle, bead thread and several vial of beads. Leather work, silver work and even bead stringing requires a place set up for working.

I have been working largely with the brick stitch and peyote stitch, two very common stitching techniques. The earrings shown are brick stitched and can be found in my artfire store. Just click this link