Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Beaded Stretch Bracelets

This is another style group of bracelets that I particularly like. I put these together using the peyote (or gourd) stitch. The beads are 4mm Miyuki cubic beads. I chose opaque earth tone colors to give the bracelets an earthy masculine look. Instead of using regular beading thread to string the beads I used an elastic thread. The elastic thread is extremely strong and makes the bracelets stretchable. What I really like about the bracelets is, when sized correctly, they are very comfortable to wear.

This bracelet I made with black white and red beads in a bold geometric pattern. Geometric patterns were common among many Native American groups. However, the Chippewa and other woodland tribes made use of floral patterns rather than geometric. The large beads used in this project do not lend themselves well to floral patterns.

This second bracelet has a more contemporary look. Again, I used opaque earth tone colors. Two of the rows of beads are gold plated (24k). They provide for a more conservative but expensive appearance. The gold beads do not show up well in this photo. They appear to be yellow but they are actually metallic gold.

Both of these bracelets are available for purchase in my etsy store. Just click on the picture to get to the store. There, you will find more photos of the two bracelets and listing for more bracelets of the same style but with different patterns. And, remember I can re size any bracelet to fit your wrist exactly.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Native American Bead and Leather Bracelet

Here are two of my early bracelet designs. Beads are strung between two leather end straps and two snaps secure the bracelet to the wrist. The two snaps allow for a bit of adjustment.

The first bracelet has five rows of bone hairpipe beads and teal blue white heart beads. Bone hairpipe it is closely associated with the American Indian. Today most bone hairpipe is imported from India or Asia and comes from the domesticated water buffalo.

The second bracelet has a more contemporary appearance. It has four rows of Bohemian dark brown cylinder glass beads, Chinese light brown round glass beads, and black onyx beads. The brown beads are from the African trade and the black onyx is of contemporary manufacture.

Both of these bracelets can be purchased from my etsy store. Just click on the picture.