Monday, February 17, 2014

Native American Single Strand Beaded Necklace


Single strand beaded necklaces, currently in stock, are shown in the photo at the left. I enjoy making these simple necklaces. I frequently start each day of beading by making a single strand necklace. It helps to get my creative juices flowing. When working with beads I lay out a large assortment of beads and then paw and sift through them. I arrange them into various configurations and, ultimately, I string together beads of various sizes, shapes and colors into a single strand necklace. In the process an interesting and more complicated design for perhaps a bracelet, some earrings or maybe even a belt buckle begins to form in my mind. It is just the way I start my day of beading. So I always have several of these necklaces for sale in my store. You will find some here at Sirocco’s Trading Post. I hope you will stop in and take a look around.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wrist Watches for Men and Women


I enjoy working with watches. Recently, I acquired a quantity of pre-owned and new watches. The photo shows a pile of used watches but I also have large boxes of new in-the-box wrist watches. There are some excellent watches in the lot. Some need minor repair like a new battery or a pin that holds the strap on. I will be adding these watches to the Sirocco’s Curios store over the next several days. Take a look at this fine Waltham men’s wrist watch.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Native American Turquoise and Bone Hair Pipe Bracelet


This is a colorful two strand beaded bracelet using traditional Native American components. I made one strand with small turquoise nuggets and 5mm sterling rounds. The second strand has 1 inch bone hair pipes interspersed with 5mm turquoise rounds and 5mm sterling rounds. The bracelet is simple and tribal but still elegant. I used a simple lobster claw clasp and ring for closure. This bracelet is for sale at Sirocco’s Trading Post on Etsy. I hope you will take a look.