Monday, November 14, 2016

Stacking Firewood the Old Way

 I have been spending the past several days cutting, splitting and stacking wood. Fortunately, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous here in northern Minnesota, perfect for cutting, splitting and stacking. It is an exhausting job.  During the summer some strong storms rolled through and knocked down a lot of trees. Ultimately, they were turned into saw logs and piled up for me to cut into fireplace wood. I have made a pretty good dent in the pile. The pile in the photo is about one third its original size. I still have a ways to go yet.

I stacked the split wood in a large round circle rather than in rows. That way the stack stays up without any end supports. Once the stack is high enough I put loose pieces in the middle. It is an old world method of sacking wood and it works quite well.

The wood is mostly poplar and spruce. I will burn that in the fire ring outside. The oak, ash, and maple are stacked near the house and will be used for heating in the house.