Sunday, February 20, 2011

Native American Tapestry Beaded Earrings

Native American Tapestry Earrings
I mentioned in my last post that I had moved my studio work shop to Northern Minnesota. You can find photos of the new work shop on my ArtFire Bio page. Just click this link:

I am still working primarily with beading. I made these tapestry style earrings using a brick stitch. The earrings are available at my etsy store. Just click this link: Tapestry


Beadwright said...

Hi Paul!!!! It is sooo nice to hear from you. I have miss you.
Thanks for leaving a comment and being part of my newsletter.
I am linking you to my blog.
Have a great day

Walls That Talk said...

Beautiful bead work!

Something4Myself said...

Paul, the earrings are stunning! I too am of Native American descent, and I love beaded art. So good to hear from you!