Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Native American Single Loop Earrings

The single loop earring is a common Native American style of earring and is found through out most tribes. The loops were frequently made using porcupine quills and seed beads or bird bones and seed beads. Sometimes the loops were made with just beads alone. Here are three examples. The first is constructed with porcupine quills and the second with spiny oyster shell. The third is a contemporary version made with 3mm turquoise heishi beads and sterling noodle tubes.

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jstinson said...

Paul, your earrings are wonderful! I know working on women's jewelry is a departure for you but you have a terrific job. I wish you great success with this new line.

presentsimple said...

Hi Sirocco,
Wow, spiny oyster shell?! Really fascinating. Hey good luck to you, this is an interesting blog!
Z's Knees

Mountaindreamers said...

Thanks for stopping by Paul, appreciate your comments. Great turquoise earrings , my favorite.