Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Trade Bead Bracelet



I always enjoy making these trade bead memory wire bracelets and you will find this one for sale at Sirocco’s Trading Post. I have made many of them over the years. Memory wire bracelets are easy to make and it gives me an opportunity to use up some left over beads from other projects.  And, I always give them an attractive price. In this bracelet you will find some old goombas, green colored white hearts, yellow melon beads and red fusilli beads. It has turquoise nuggets, bone hair pipes and even some African Batik beads.

The bracelet is unisex and will fit most any wrist size. When I make up these bracelets I use the ankle bracelet size memory wire instead of the wrist size memory wire. The larger size fits more comfortably on the wrist (even a small wrist) especially when using the somewhat larger beads and nuggets.

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