Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ladies Graduated Shell & Coral Necklace

Lip shell beads are beads cut from the lip of a sea shell. The shell can be just about any kind of shell. I have even seen such beads cut from turtle shells. Shell beads can come in a variety of colors including green, black, red, orange, purple, etc. I recently bought a string of graduated orange colored lip shells from a street vendor. He did not know the kind of shell but they could very well be from the spiny oyster. I thought it might make a fine necklace. I added some 10mm orange colored round beads and some sterling silver saucer beads to give the necklace a bit of character. The orange rounds look much like some kind of coral but they are Czech glass. The sterling silver saucer beads are some that I salvaged from an old broken squash blossom necklace. It is 23.5 inches long. I think it came out OK. What do you think? You can find this shell necklace for sale in my etsy shop.



beadlady61 said...

Paul this is gorgeous! I love it, great job. I love your blog page it is set up very nicely and I thank you for having a link to my shop,it is much appreciated. Keep up the beautiful work.

beadlady61 said...
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